What you need

Follow these 7 steps to ensure you have the best experience using the Sites and Trails NT app.

1. Download the latest Sites and Trails app for your smart device via the App Store or Play Store.

2. Once installed be sure to run an update whilst you are connected to the internet. This will ensure all site locations are up-to-date and ready to go.

3. Grab a hat, some suncreen and all the other items you would usually take on an outing in Central Australia. Make sure your batteries are charged!

4. Select a site location from our list here.

5. Find the orange/brown starting signs located at each site.

6. Use the inbuilt site detector (requires bluetooth to be turned on) OR use the QR Scanner on your app.

7. Follow the directions within the app and have fun!

* Remember to submit your entries so you can check the results!

** If you encounter a technical issue at a site, please goto the contact page and let us know about it!