Sustainable Science Trail

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The Sustainable Science Trail is a network of sites across Alice Springs that offers visitors an extended interactive experience using smartphone technology.
Sustainable Science Trail

This trail is designed to be particularly useful for teachers and students who may be learning about related topics in their classroom.

Sites on the Sustainable Science Trail allow data to be contributed by visitors, locals, students and site-facilitators in a range of ways. The trail currently includes flora and fauna surveys, surveys, scavenger hunts, quizes and more.

The five initial sites are designed to easy and fun - and accessible to a range of ages.

The Sustainable Science Trail was developed by the Arid Lands Environment Centre in partnership with:

alec_263x119 - Alice Springs Desert Park
- Adelaide House
- Olive Pink Botanic Garden
- Desert Knowledge Australia
- CAT Projects
- Alice Springs Community Garden.

The establishment of an initial five locations will be used as a pilot to build capacity – with the intention that further sites can be added to the trail once the templates and supporting systems have been established.

The Sustainable Science Trail was made possible with seed funding and ongoing support provided by Inspiring Australia.

Total Sites: 6 Total Visitors/Participants: 5559 Avg Monthly Visitors/Participants: 154

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