Alf Traeger’s Outback Communications Quiz

Welcome to Adelaide House, one of Alice Springs' oldest buildings and now a musuem showcasing some of the Central Australia's great innovations and achievements.

At the rear of the building stands a small shed housing the original ‘pedal radio’ invented by Alfred Traeger.

Download the Sites & Trails app and test your knowledge about the history of inland communication and the invention of the pedal radio.

Alf Traeger’s Outback Communications Quiz

Alf Traeger with an early model pedal radio.

Whilst Alice Springs had had a long history as a leader in morse code communications (the Overland Telegraph), it was John Flynn and Alf Traeger that set up the first radio base station at Alice Springs. A couple of outstations soon followed, and in 1926, 2-way radio became a reality in one of the most remote places on earth.

But Alf Traeger quickly saw the major obstacle to a wider network – the awkward, heavy duty, glass, copper oxide Edison batteries – as well as the need for a reliable high-power voltage supply to the local transmitter. A simple, durable alternative was essential for ordinary outstation use.


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