Gardening in the Arid Zone

The Alice Springs Community Garden is a combination of community plots and individual/family plots that encourages people to share and learn the art of gardening.

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Gardening in the Arid Zone

Knowing how to grow your own food
is a valuable skill.

Alice Springs has a history of growing its own food. During the Second World War, most of the town’s food was grown along the banks of the Todd River. Nowadays, most food comes by road or rail and is sold through the major supermarkets.

The Alice Springs Community Garden provides a place for people to learn how to grow fruit and vegetables in the arid zone. This Community Garden is supported by the Arid Lands Environment Centre (ALEC) and hosts numerous workshops throughout the year assisting local residents hone their gardening skills and learn the science behind gardening in the extreme and highly variable climate of Alice Springs.

The most important aspects to gardening in the arid zone is soil, water and adapting to the climate. Soils in Alice Springs are generally poor for vegetable growth and generally requires enrichment with compost. Being water smart is another important consideration in a climate that has frosts in winter and weeks above 40°C.

The defintive guide to growing food in Alice Springs can be accessed here.

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