West Macdonnell Ranges

The West MacDonnell Ranges refers to the part of the MacDonnell Ranges stretching out west from Alice Springs. It contains magnificent bushwalk trails, convenient campsites and refreshing swimming holes.

To put things in perspective, Alice Springs is located in a gap, called the Heavitree Gap, in the MacDonnell Ranges. The East and West MacDonnell Ranges are named based on their positions in regards to this.

The West MacDonnell Ranges are regarded as more popular among tourists, compared to its Eastern counterpart.

The West MacDonnell National Park, or Tyurretye (Tjoritja), measures 161 Km in total. It offers days of exploring and camping in various picturesque spots—Simpsons Gap being the closest, only 18 Kms from town and even accessible by bicycle.

Several sites in the Ranges, such as Ellery Creek Big Hole and Ormiston Gorge, are equipped with camping facilities.

Visitors of Glen Helen Gorge, located 139 Kms from Alice Springs —about one hour drive away —are spoiled with accommodation options at Glen Helen Resort, from camping sites to air-conditioned rooms.

Those preferring to explore the West Macs on foot embark on journeys along the 223 Km-long Larapinta trail, extending from the Telegraph Station in Alice Springs to Redbank Gorge— Some taking on the whole trail, while others choose to walk parts of it.

The trail is divided into 12 sections and has a total of 34 campsites, with some requiring fees.

To ensure your visit is safe and enjoyable, stay hydrated and use sufficient protection against the sun.

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