East MacDonnell Ranges

The East MacDonnell Ranges, which got its name from its position towards Alice Springs, contain a number of particularly scenic locations such as Trephina Gorge and Ruby Gap, as well as sites rich in Indigenous history.

The “East Macs” are often seen as less popular compared to the western part of the ranges, but this often becomes the exact reason why it is preferred by those favoring the less beaten path.

Among the ranges’ main attractions is Ruby Gap Nature Park, located around 150 Kms from Alice Springs.

Access to this park requires high clearance 4-wheel drive vehicles. The nature park was once a mining site but now it is the destination sought by the adventurous and experienced bushwalkers.

Trephina Gorge Nature Park, located 85 Kms from Alice Springs, is equipped with camping facilities, while Ross River Resort, around 83 Kms North-East of Alice Springs, offers a range of options for accommodation, including caravan parks and cabins.

The East Macs is rich in history and Indigenous stories.

Arltunga, which is located 110 Kms East of Alice Springs, for example, is a deserted a gold rush town, with remains of its glory days from 1887 to 1913. The Arltunga Historical Reserve was established in 1975 and a number of buildings, including the Police Station, had been restored while many others are well preserved, 

Emily Gap, around 10 Kms from Alice Springs, is a sacred Indigenous site and contains Aboriginal rock art.

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