Sites & Trails NT BETA allows visitors the following functionalities:

  • a range of location-aware maps including site-specific (GPS and iBeacon) AND indoor maps (iBeacon).
  • flora and fauna surveys.
  • observational learning challenges.
  • audio tours.
  • video materials.
  • archival materials.
  • integration of games.
  • tests and quizes.
  • visitor feedback surveys.
  • citizen science studies.
  • integrated social media (Facebook and Twitter).
  • self management (with some approval process and basic restrictions).
  • results and analysis (needs Internet connection).

Sites & Trails NT RELEASE CANDIDATE 1 will allow participating locations the following functionalities:

  • location-aware and context-aware experiences (iBeacon mesh).
  • addition of site-numbers.
  • improved download logic.
  • improved search filter.
  • user login using facebook, twitter or email.
  • in-app purchases.
  • automatic activation of experience via iBeacon or GPS trigger points.
  • advanced contextual game experiences (i.e. unity)
  • advanced analytics and reporting.
  • advanced results and analysis (native and downloaded to app – no internet connection needed).
  • complete self management on most content items
  • fast approval process.