Sites & Trails is an app and online service that allows participating sites to offer visitors an enhanced interactive or learning experience using smartphone technology. Using the Sites & Trails app is easy and fun – and has been designed to be accessible to a range of ages.

You can use the Sites and Trails app in a range of ways. Interactive activities include:

  • flora and fauna surveys.
  • observational learning challenges.
  • tests and quizes.
  • visitor feedback surveys.
  • citizen science studies.
  • and much more.

At some locations you will also be able to:

  • access audio visual materials.
  • go on an audio tour.

If you choose to participate at an interactive site, your contribution will be uploaded to a database and you will then be directed to a results page to observe the long term trends and findings. If you do not have a connection to the internet, your results will be stored and uploaded when a connection becomes available.

Sites and Trails was launched in 2015 with 5 sites across Alice Springs (check out the Sustainable Science Trail).

The next major release will allow other regions and towns to participate – and we will be progressively incorporating additional advanced functionalities!

Sites and Trails is a 3 year trial project and is keen to hear from organisations, businesses and individuals who want to collaborate or add new sites to the service.

If you are a user and have a bug report – or just a good idea for the future development of this app – please get in touch!