Sites & Trails – Alpha Release 2

Thanks to all who are involved with the testing and feedback for this project.

As you know we have delayed launch in order to incorporate some broadened scope and new functionalities, including iBeacon.

Here is the other items on the change list for Alpha Release 2:

+ updated project title to “Sites and Trails”. “Sustainable Science” sites are now viewable as a sub-category. This will enable a range of other site/trail possibilities including heritages, art, cultural¬† sites, bike trails, tourist information such as accomodation and dining, etc.
+ added iBeacon functionality for both Android and IOS. It is very cool. Looking forward to tester feedback on this.
+ fixed image display issue for offline mode.
+ fixed map crash issue for listed locations with no sites.
+ improved some back button heirarchy issues for android.
+ fixed display text for Facebook share.

+ server change to Sites and Trails.
+ further development of Trails Content type.
+ added “Fact-Files” content type to enable fine grain information presentation.
+ basic filter added. Some bugs need resolving.
+ small layout changes and improvements.
+ commenced content tidy-up.